‘My Love, My Love’ Review: Cardinal Moses Debut Single

By Anthony Woodside

Cardinal Moses’ debut single ‘My Love, My Love’ introduces us to a talented young artist who is happy to let go of the past and embrace what the world has before him now.

An unusually positive song about lost connections and letting go of the past, ‘My Love, My Love’ celebrates the loss of relationships that are the result of personal growth and the passage of time. Of the chorus, Cardinal Moses said, “‘Dropping a call’ is a metaphor for that, the feeling of a friend you haven't heard from in years calling you, but it isn't the same”. Rather than expressing sadness at this, ‘My Love, My Love’ encourages those from the lost past not to worry or try to force things to be how they were as the “call” might been dropped intentionally.

Opening with an acoustic guitar and vocals, ‘My Love, My Love’ builds to include a full band before launching into a gnarly squealing guitar riff in the second chorus, and ending with that riff backed by a group melody. The type of pop rock track you might hear on the radio or at a chill house party, musically ‘My Love, My Love’ is comparable to work from artists like Bleachers, Neon Trees, fun., and American Authors.

Despite recording the majority of the instruments in a bedroom “studio”, with the exception being the electric guitars which were recorded at Helm House Studios, Cardinal Moses’ production sounds professionally done. The song is of radio quality that isn't often found with upcoming “internet” artists.

One of the most impressive things about ‘My Love, My Love’ and Cardinal Moses is that all of the music was written and performed by one man. Cardinal Moses is a one man project who writes records, and performs all of the music himself, from drums, to vocals, to guitar, to synthesizers. ‘My Love, My Love’ was mixed by Cardinal Moses and mastered by Chase Camilli.

‘My Love, My Love’ is available for listening on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon Music, Google Play & more. Be on the lookout for Cardinal Moses’ debut album due out this fall.

You can check out Cardinal Moses’ website to learn more and follow him social media for updates.
Website: www.cardinalmoses.com
Facebook: cardinalmosesmusic
Instagram: @cardinalmoses
Twitter: @cardinal_moses