Wonder Woman Was Good, but It Wasn't Enough

By Anisha Koilpillai

Okay, so first things first. The views represented in this article are my own and do not represent the views of Entertainment Stew as a whole. I don't necessarily think that I am talking about controversial things, but in case I am, drag me, not this whole group.

So I saw Wonder Woman, and yes, I did enjoy it. I thought it was the best DC movie yet. However, it wasn't enough. The character herself is probably the best part of the DC movie universe, in my opinion. However, Wonder Woman could have done more in order to really cement DC as a competitor for Marvel. Let's break this down.


The Amazons were incredible BAMF ( photo credit )

The Amazons were incredible BAMF (photo credit)

There were a lot of characters in this movie, but many of them did not get a lot of development. Take, for example, the Amazons. The Amazons are this fierce warrior clan, yet we do not really get to explore many of them at all beyond Diana's mother and aunt. They fight so well too! We get the history of their clan as a whole, but we do not get much information on the individuals surrounding Diana as she grows up. It was incredibly disheartening to me. These are such amazing, fierce warriors, yet we do not get to explore them alongside Diana.

I would have much rather had the movie stay in this setting than World War 1 Europe. But even when the film moves to Europe, we're still focused on the development of Diana and Steve. Which, yes, I am fine with Diana's development. Like I said, I think she is the best thing about the DCEU right now. But Steve? Really? I know he is her love interest in the comics, but that man shut her down so many times. I have a hard time believing that Diana would have taken that as many times as she did.


The men Diana found herself surrounded by for a good portion of the movie ( photo credit )

The men Diana found herself surrounded by for a good portion of the movie (photo credit)

And anyways, I found the supporting men to be more interesting than Steve. We have Sameer, a man who wanted to be an actor, but he couldn't because of the color of his skin. We have Chief, a silent guardian-type Native American. And we have Charlie, a sharpshooter with PTSD. I would have rather seen more of their character development than Steve. I felt that they all had stories to tell, but their stories were not told.

I feel like the storytelling was a large issue of this movie. Because there was a lot going on in this movie, the main development was on Diana and Steve. Yet, I would have much rather this movie been set in either Themyscira or Europe, and for the movie to focus more on developing those characters. 

There are many injustices with most of these characters, especially the minority characters. The fans deserve to know more about the diversity of Themyscira. The fans deserve to know more about Sameer's struggles as an actor and why he turned his focus on developing his skills as a solider. If we are going to have Chief be a silent guardian stereotype, then you can be sure that I think that we at least deserve to know more about why he became a silent guardian.

I do not know if the writers were trying to get these characters to fit into the stereotypes of the time that this film was set in, but it sure did feel this way. And it was very frustrating for me, an Indian woman. 

(Also what is fog going to do to deter soldiers, Zeus? What were you thinking?)

Yes, I still stand by me liking this movie, but that does not mean that this movie couldn't have gone further. I hope the second movie does push further. I hope minority characters get a great spotlight. I do hope that Diana does not continuously get shut down by a man. And I hope she continues to be the best part of the DCEU, because Gal Gadot is a fantastic actress and portrays the character really well.

Well, that's all I have for this article. Until next time.