The Defenders: What is Up with That Ending?

By Anisha Koilpillai

Spoilers for season 1 of The Defenders, obviously.

So I just finished watching season 1 of The Defenders. Overall, I was impressed with the season; it wrapped together a lot of stories seen in the individual shows, and a rather decisive plot line is now finished. However, there is one burning question: what is up with that ending? We see Danny, Luke, and Jessica all going back to their lives, albeit slowly. Jessica is now okay to open up her business for good, Luke is headed back to Harlem, and Danny is still in the city haunted by Matt's last words to him. However, we see a badly bruised up Matt Murdock bandaged and waking up in what looks like a hospital bed.


Matt Murdock waking up in presumably an abbey ( Photo credit )

Matt Murdock waking up in presumably an abbey (Photo credit)

A nun speaks off camera calling for a Maggie. In the Marvel Universe, Maggie is the name of Matt's mother. While there is no confirmation on who Maggie is, we can assume that Matt is in an abbey where his mother is a nun. This follows in line with the "Born Again" comic book, which takes a dark turn for Matt's character, both in his private life and in his life as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. 

Of course, hopefully, we don't see Karen Page become a heroin-addicted porn actress who sells out Matt for cash to Wilson Fisk. However, it would be interesting to see Fisk return as a key enemy to Daredevil. Regardless, we won't see Season 3 of Daredevil until after seasons 2 of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage air, which are both currently scheduled for around the March to June months of 2018.

Marvel certainly has a propensity for bringing characters back from the dead, most notably with Phil Coulson and Nick Fury. And of course, could we really believe that Daredevil was dead? If there is one thing we learned from the series, it is that these four individuals are probably the most resilient in the Marvel universe.