Dragon Age 4 Wish List

By Anisha Koilpillai

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Disclaimer: This has some spoilers for Dragon Age: Inquisition, including the Trespasser DLC. Continue at your own risk.


What's up guys? It's been a long time, I know. But, I have recently finished playing Dragon Age: Inquisition including the Trespasser DLC. I also played some of the Descent DLC, but I kept dying so I could not finish learning about dwarven lore. Nonetheless, for this article, I wanted to do a short wish list of what I want to see in Dragon Age 4, confirmed by EA but not yet by Bioware.

Another note: I chose for the Inquisition to disband after Trespasser, meaning that the Inquisition is a very secretive organization now. Thus, my responses cater towards that and not towards the ending where the Inquisition becomes a part of the Chantry.

  1. The return of Solas
    1. I mean, of course we have to see Solas return. I assume the fourth game would take place very shortly after the events of the Trespasser DLC. Will the protagonist be able to save Thedas, and the world as a whole? Will Solas be defeated? There are so many burning questions.
  2. Dwarven lore as a more central portion of the game
    1. Sure, there is the Descent DLC, but unless you played that, there still hasn't been much lore on dwarves in the Dragon Age universe. With how Trespasser ends, we might need dwarves to help us save the world, especially with the mass exodus of elves. 
  3. The main storyline takes place in and near Tevinter (and the return of Dorian)
    1. At the end of Trespasser, the Inquisitor throws their knife down on the map near the Tevinter Imperium, as Solas has a camp near there. This has me believe that the creative minds behind Dragon Age wanted to give us a small hint as to the location of the next game. Also, as Dorian is from Tevinter, this would give the game the perfect excuse to have Dorian as a companion yet again.
  4. The return of most of the companions and advisors from Inquisition (and the Inquisitor)
    1. Having some of the companions return as companions would be nice, but even having them transition to advisor roles or even NPC's that tag along for certain quests would be really nice to see. I would prefer to have mostly new companions, but seeing a good number of the characters from Inquisition return would be amazing. The Inquisitor can sort of be like Hawke in Inquisition: central to some main storyline missions, but not the playable protagonist.
  5. A new protagonist
    1. With how Trespasser ends, it seems as if the Inquisitor might also be the protagonist for the next game in the series. While I personally do not mind (my Inquisitor was my favorite protagonist I created), I think that the game should stay with the tradition of having a new protagonist. After all, the Inquisitor does say that they need to recruit people that Solas does not know, since he is extremely familiar with the inner workings of the Inquisition. Thus, there is enough room for a new protagonist for Dragon Age 4. This would also lead to the possibility of the Inquisitor acting as a mentor to the new protagonist as well as an advisor. The Inquisitor might still be the face of the Inquisition to Solas, but really, the new protagonist would be the one leading the charge, building into the secrecy that the Inquisition wants to uphold.

Well, that's all I have. What do you guys want to see? I'm really excited for the next Dragon Age game, even if we have to wait another few years for it. Don't forget to share this article with all of your friends!