Caritas Comics: A Love for All

Nancy Cruz stood silently beneath the silent gazes of heroic statues in Caritas Comics, a new comic book store on Pleasant Hill Road, her arms heavy with a stack of comic books. A local student from Poinciana, Florida, Cruz studied the books’ illustrations meticulously, her eyes widening with each page turn.


“I can buy this on online,” said Cruz, 19, holding a Spiderman comic. “But there’s something about when you flick through the magazines, and you’re like, ‘It’s there!’”

This was the general feel; of the store on it’s Grand Opening on Saturday, Sept. 28th.

Located at 3813 Pleasant Hill Road, less than a mile from Liberty High School. Caritas Comics is a like a pop culture buffet.


The merchandise ranges from the modern to the nostalgic. That means there’s a multitude of different Dragon Ball Super and also a Barbie version of popular Marvel superheroes Captain America and Ironman.

The store sells collectible Funko Pops, those little vinyl figures with big heads that come in just about every character you can imagine, from Freddy Krueger to Snow White. All the other Disney princesses are available, along with characters from the Minecraft video game and action heroes.

“They’re the Beanie Babies of our time,” said Cruz.


The definition of Caritas is Latin and means “a love for all”. So the direct translation of Caritas Comics is “A Love for all Comics.” Such a passionate name for a wonderful store. When you take the time and explore this slice of pop-culture heaven you dare constantly reminded of the amount of love that has gone into this store.

This love makes this store stands out from other comic shops like Collisumn of Comics. It has a unique feel that isn’t artificial. This is a store made by fans for fans.


If you have the opportunity to visit the store take it and experience a Comic Convention like atmosphere every day