The Future Of: Spider-Man (PS4)

By: Anisha Koilpillai

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It’s been about six months since Spider-Man dropped for the PS4, and if you’re like me, you’ve been eagerly waiting to see what Sony has in store next for the game. Will they create more DLC? Or, will we have to wait with what we have until the next game drops? And if so, when would that be?


This article is the first in a series I’d like to start called “The Future Of.” In this series, I would discuss what I would like to see happen in the future with some video games that I love. Spider-Man makes for a great starting point since it is a relatively new game, but I have ideas regarding games and series that came out years ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed Spider-Man for the PS4. I even played all of the DLC and thought that those were fantastic. Spider-Man is probably my favorite superhero, so playing as him in a video game was pretty cool. Plus, playing as a Peter Parker who has been Spider-Man for 8 years was also interesting because you can see how his experiences shaped him growing up into an adult and still affects him as a young adult. The story was really well written and even though I thought the game was short, I also think that prolonging the story would’ve dragged it on unnecessarily. In other words, the main game ended at a good time, and the DLC wraps up any loose ends I thought I had. But, it also makes me eager to see what is next.

Clearly, Miles Morales is being geared to be the next Spider-Man, which is exciting. I hope that in the next game, or ideally, the next DLC, they continue to build on that. I was disappointed we couldn’t play as Miles in the DLC, so I hope that if there is another DLC, which there absolutely should be, they let us play as Miles trying to navigate his training with Peter.


 Obviously, we don’t want to see Peter die just yet. But, if they implement one more DLC, a bit longer than the first, it could be a good build up to that, which might happen in the second game. Ideally, for me at least, there would be two more DLC’s so we get some more time with Peter as Spider-Man. But, there would be more exposure to Miles as he navigates his training, his school, and hiding his powers from his mom. Spider-Man has a ton of enemies, so creating more DLC dealing with that is not far-fetched. Plus, it’ll get us some more content for such a great game.

Then, with the second game, we obviously play as Peter for most of it, but we see his downfall. Of course, we know he ends up being resurrected, which is fine, but we shouldn’t downplay Miles’ role like it was in the DLC. Miles would take over as Spider-Man at the urging of MJ. Miles would feel like he isn’t ready, as he is now a bit older and realized that Peter’s lessons were for a good reason, as it is a dangerous place at there. But, MJ would tell him that he is ready and she would say that Peter would want him to take up the Spider-Man mantle after him.


I can easily see this turn into a series. Sony has the resources to do so. Plus, the first game was really successful. Having a good quality Spider-Man game was incredible, and I hope they continue to work on it. Hopefully, they don’t take as long as they did with the first game; waiting for that to come out was really difficult. But, I can easily see them coming out with another game in Q4 of 2020. That might be wishful thinking, but it is doable, and it wouldn’t infringe on the quality.

So, to summarize, give us some more DLC, let us focus more on Miles, and let the second game show Miles’ transition into Spider-Man. Of course, let Peter become resurrected too, but hey, that can happen in the third game, right?

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