Netflix Pick of the Week: Mascots

By John Magee

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This week Iā€™d like to take a look at a movie that I feel has so far been severely underrated, Mascots. Mascots is the newest mockumentary by director Christopher Guest and serves as a funny and surprisingly genuine look into the world of sports mascots.

The movie centers around a mascot competition where mascots from across the globe get together and perform their routines with the hopes of winning the coveted Golden Fluffy. Mascots excels at making something that would seem like a pretty mundane topic and make it pretty compelling. When the movie starts the ridiculous characters and their insane level of devotion to being a mascot has you laughing at them but as the movie goes on and the more that the audience is brought into the lives of the mascots you begin to feel just as passionately about mascots as they do.

The humour in Mascots comes mostly from the strange interactions and insane situations the characters find themselves in. Something that makes the dialogue in the film so good is that it all feels real and in a way it is. The way the film was shot most of the dialogue was improved with the actors being given important plot points to hit.

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The entire movie leads up to the mascot routines in the finale and they do not disappoint, each character has a personalized routine and the payoff is certainly worth it with a very heartfelt interpretive dance from an armadillo and a some very thrilling acrobatics from a hedgehog. Mascots is a strange and ridiculous movie that is able to shine a light on an small and interesting topic and makes the audience care about it in a genuine way.