Entertainment Stew at Metrocon 2019

By. Entertainment Stew


Entertainment Stew’s coverage of Metrocon continued with a bang with a new main event. New to METROCON in 2019, is the Phoenixx Dance Face-Off is a dance contest event paying tribute to Asian culture!

The event was an eclectic, colorful, action-packed event. An event that provided a non-stop feast for the senses. 

From the fast-paced dance competition, we traveled to a beautiful Lolita runway fashion show. The intricate designs were reminiscent of a more gothic time period fused with modern sensibilities.

With models from backgrounds of vrious experiences worked together to create an all-inclusive beautiful show.

The main event of the evening was a play/dance called the Masquerade Ball. The Masquerade ball was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had at a convention. The mix of general dance-like atmosphere with a very well done play allowed for an experience I won’t soon forget.


Saturday, was the kick-off of Entertainment Stew’s own panel work at Tampa’s Metrocon. Entertainment Stew has a long history of conducting panels all across the state of Florida. So, of course, conducting a panel at Metrocon 2019 was on our convention to-do list. On Saturday the “E-Stew Crew” took part of two panels.

The first one being “Where are We? Identity and Representation in Media.” and the second one being “So you want to make a Tabletop Podcast” 

Also on Saturday, one of the biggest can’t miss event of Metrocon: The anime human chess match. The chess match is a unique fusion of renaissance fair-style combat chess and scripted cosplay involving beloved anime characters from multiple shows. The Metrocon team spends months perfecting this performance. This year’s chess match includes characters from "Naruto," "Dragon Ball Z," "Yakuza," "My Hero Academia," and "Avatar," among many others.


Guests lined up hours in advance to make sure they had the best seats for one of the most anticipated shows of the convention. This year’s Fire Show, Dreams of the Wild, took cues from the lore, legends, and love of Legend of Zelda. Everyone in the audience held a collective breath as the performers weaved the story of Link’s awakening, journey, and triumph, with the dangerous beauty of fire. Set against the night sky, it was easy to be mesmerized by the grace and precision the fire was wielded with. 

For those still pumped by the Fire Show, the MetroMassive (Part II) was a clear next step. Con-goers eagerly began filing into a large dance floor pulsing with candy pop lighting and electronic beats. The energy on the floor stayed high the entire night thanks to the atmosphere set by the DJs. 

Check out Enterainment Stew’s Metrocon Montage to get a action packed Metrocon recap.

The Ending Ceremony closed on a truly great year for Metrocon. Entertainment Stew had a great time and next year is looking to be just as promising. The theme for next year is sure to be exciting and leaves a lot to chew on. Metrocon 2020 is the year of Mortal vs. Machine.