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Overthinking The Ethical Framework of Spider Man

Spider-Man may be a fictional character, but he’s also one of New York’s most famous heroes. Despite his comic book origins, there is a powerful and realistic moral development underlying his transformation from zero to superhero. Like some of the great myths and legends of the classical world, the story of Spider-Man’’s origin has universal resonance and provides a fruitful focus for the examination of philosophy and in this case Ethics.

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In Search of Adventure: Exploration and Blackreach

There's a moment in open-world games where the shades is taken off. It's that moment when you emerge from a vault in “Fallout”, blinded by the sunlight. It's that moment when you find the ending of a cave and an entrance to "Skyrim", and endure the longest loading screen within the game. It’s surprising because it's not really something that happens all too often in video games.

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