Dark Hearts

By Mari Sunny

I am what keeps you up at night
Filling your mind with pain and hatred black
While dreams with ghostly, disjointed forms
Flit like twisted bodies
Drowning in green, noxious mists

I am the hard, flat gleam
That glistens under the brighter blue of your eyes
What drives those who love you
Away more quickly
Than any nine-tailed demon ever could

I am what gnaws at the base of your gut
The bubbling, corrosive acid broth
That burns your tongue going down
Blisters forming in your mouth
As pus spews forth and bleeds

I am your darkest urges
The things you desire, but never do
Hatred personified in a cruel smile
I take, take
And never give back

I am the truth of your life
That you will never be loved
As well as you wished
That your masks will swallow you whole
And be all that is left of you

I am your dark heart
And there is no denying me