By Rain Omega

Her hair was tied back in an elastic band. Her ponytail, multiple curls that trailed down to her lower back. It twisted and turned as it dodged droplets, black and glossy like the bangs that hung in her eyes.

Her skin was dark and attractive, a number of faint freckles splattering her cheeks like an eternal blush-

No. It was a blush.

Maybe it was because of his compulsive staring. She glanced at him, then quickly away again, seeming rather frightened by his special attention to her movements.

His brows furrowed. Whereas everyone had opted for tiny bikinis or skimpy clothes that displayed their inadequate proportions, Adesina was wearing a dark one-piece with a jacket over it, seeming strangely confident that it wouldn't get wet.

Her legs were alright. Hips, adequate.

And her torso...overweight? Underweight? He couldn't tell with that jacket. His crimson eyes chased the girl, but he wasn't any sort of a lecher. He was curious, just curious, because, and only because-

Water danced for Adesina.

It splashed for him.

"Psshh, water elemental," Avery mentioned jokingly, continuing to navigate through flying weapons, barely noticing the way the water curved to her every whim.

"Che," mentioned Remus, as though agreeing, but it was only then that he understood. So she had a water spirit. He should have known. It suddenly made sense that he and the others looked like incompetent morons, flopping and gaping like suffocating blowfish.

Was it wrong that he was competitive? But he was being ridiculous; their abilities didn't correspond.

Remus ran forward, moving past the others. He had to stop wasting time comparing himself to the damn druid. He had to find his own strengths, ones that worked best with each given situation. He caught a bow and pelted it back at Gardain.

Were he and Avery the only ones who hadn't known that training would be at the lake? They looked awkward in their baggy clothes, feeling strangely confined in places they'd always felt comfortable. It must have been all the nudity in the air – Catherine's wild flailing, and Angelo’s loosening skimpy swimsuit. They weren't training, just playing, and he hadn't the time for games.

And Gardain and Adesina were the only ones who were still dry. Attempting to disregard his frustration – his utter uselessness in water – he jerked off his shirt. It had been weighing him down all day. He heard a gasp from behind him, followed by an obligatory splash.

Remus glanced over his shoulder, expecting it was Catherine...but Catherine was still standing, slack-jawed as she gaped at the air bubbles gurgling up from the water beside her.

Angrlo – there. Avery – check. Adesina...hn...

Eyebrows knit, Remus turned completely around, finding that he too was staring, rather perplexed by Adesina’s blunder. He watched her dark hand reappear, her sporadic flow of magic allowing her to clumsily climb back to the surface. He eyed her heaving chest, dripping lashes, and darkened cheeks, feeling relatively surprised that the girl looked so much better when she was all wet-

The water exploded beneath him, sending the teenagers in all directions, and Gardain would dare suggest that it was solely because of the Uchiha's monstrous libido.

Avery, however, would simply damn Gardain for throwing an exploding rune at them.

"Remus drowned!" Catherine was in tears. "You killed him!" She pounded Gardain’s chest with her fists.

"My mistake," muttered the master as he turned around because he wasn't useful again.

"Get out of the way!" Angelo groused, shoving the two aside. "I can fix it with blood magic" She started toward Remus's side.

"What!? Don't you dare!" Catherine screeched, leaping onto Angelo's back. The two collapsed to the ground, writhing and wiggling and whatnot.

"His lungs are full of water," murmured Adesina, speaking to the spirits around her as she stared down at the Uchiha's unconscious form.

"I'm-! Giving him-! Mouth to mouth!" the struggling Catherine insisted from afar.

"Oh, he'll sleep it off," mentioned Avery, lazily flopping her hand and disregarding the situation. "Maybe we should roll him back into the lake? That might wake him up..." muttered the woman thoughtfully.

Adesina slowly kneeled down beside the Atlas, carefully laying her hands upon his pectorals, and feeling heat return to her cheeks. She didn't know why she felt so warm. She'd seen boys before – shirtless boys – with muscles! And she'd been stared at before, with disgust or annoyance, but never with such apathy – those bland eyes, relaxed lips.

They were parted where he lay there, sprawled by the water's edge as he awaited a savior. She was vaguely reminded of Sleeping Beauty, and grew all the more embarrassed that she admitted he was beautiful. Remus could have very well died as she sat there, leaning over him and idly watching.

She felt the ebb and flow of his life retreat to his core...and his core, flickering; fading. Remus's lungs were unmoving but his chest was heaving, as though he was fighting even then. He was losing.

She leaned closer.

With a pulse of drudic magic she was able to force the water out. His eyes flew open as he coughed up a mouthful of water.

Good, thought Adesina numbly, watching Remus gasp for breath beneath her. As he relaxed, and retired to long draws of air, her eyes returned to his chest, and she felt his gaze on her face. His weary ruby red eyes were half-lidded in his fatigue, persistently staring, until she had to close her own. The silence was bizarrely comfortable, Catherine’s prattling barely discernable anymore. She could not feel Avery's surprised gawk on her head, or sense the way uselessness coming from Gardain, but found her entire focus on the sound of Remus's even breathing. She slowly came to realize how heavily she was leaning on his chest.

Her eyes snapped open as he attempted to sit up. She quickly removed her hands, awkwardly supporting his shoulder and wondering why Avery wasn't helping

"Thanks," muttered Remus hoarsely.

"You're w-we-welcome-?"

She froze when he suddenly leaned forward, catching her lips before she could stop him, and stealing her very first kiss so abruptly she suspected she had dreamt it a second later when he pulled back. It was as though he equated kissing to thanking; as though it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

And then the corner of his mouth twitched, looking rather like a smirk, and revealing that he knew exactly what he had done.

She couldn't quite breathe, but scrambled away from him, managing to climb onto her wobbly knees. Instinct told her that kissing was bad. Remus was bad. Run away!

Her inner-Marizmech told her to be polite about it.

"I – um– I...have to...g-go..." she stammered, madly pressing her pointer fingers together.

Remus slowly frowned. His amusement was replaced with indifference, and indifference, infected with annoyance. He carefully climbed to his feet, ignoring the dizziness that accompanied breathing water and kissing girls. He momentarily bowed his dripping head, before looking up at Adesina who was inelegantly backing away.



He caught her shoulders, jerking her forward, and causing their lips to collide for a second time.

It was a hard kiss, but an especially nice one. Remus then kissed her one last time, lightly, if only to apologize for the last, or maybe to nurse her reddened lips. When he was finished, she was like water in his grasp.

Her eyes were unfocused, face a nasty shade of fuchsia. "I – I should...g-go," she mumbled faintly into his shoulder.

He released her arms and pocketed his hands. "Fine."

"I – I – sh-should..."

Remus curiously watched her eyes roll upwards. "...Adesina?"


But maybe it was a good thing.

"Remus, what happened!?'

"Omigosh, Adesina isn't breathing!"

"I think she needs my blood!"