15. A Royal Engagement

The World of Vala is back with a new season! In this episode, we travel to the Land of Wind to focus on a new cast of characters. The secretive Assassin, Ezra played by a familiar player and the Vaconic courtesan, Santana played by "World of Vala" newcomer Samantha.

At the same time, Team Gardain is preparing for there first mission we travel to Adex, the Land of Wind. The capital city is in turmoil due to the rapid militarization of Vepar, The Land of Water. Fearing for the lives of the Vaconic's within the nation, the boy king Nico Parros calls a meeting in order to discuss what must be the nations next course of action.

Yet, all isn't what it seems at this political function. Assassinations and murderers soon make there presence known. Chaos is set to come at this Royal Engagement.